Working abroad: finding work as a labor migrant

Why should you choose to work in Belgium?

Door Arleta Drab

After a crippling recession, Europe’s economy has recovered and thrives. The moment to work abroad has never been better, as companies everywhere look for talent. Considering the next step in your career in another country? In this series we’ll help you get started. Consider Belgium in your search for your next opportunity. Why? We’ll list the biggest reasons below.

1. Their economy is booming
In 2018, Belgium saw their available job openings increase with more than 50,000 vacancies. And it looks like this small state will keep growing at a fast pace. In Flanders alone, 40 percent of companies look to hire new workers. Flanders is the northern part of Belgium and the richest part of the country. Employers look for both women and men from other parts of Europe for a whole range of professions: technicians, drivers, welders, mechanics, electricians, logistic talents and production workers, butchers, bakers and IT employees.

2. They care for their workers
The Belgian labor market is known for caring about the people that work with them. They respect the labor rights of every employee, even if they’re from another EU country. This creates a high level of job comfort. How employers act towards employees may be wildly different from what you might have experienced in some of your other job experience.

„If you’re looking to work abroad, Belgium is a solid choice. So what are you waiting for?”

3. They know good food!
Belgium is undoubtedly a paradise for the palate. Despite the name, it is common knowledge among food lovers that that French fries were in fact invented in Belgium. In addition to very tasty traditional dishes made throughout the country, Belgium is also known for their delicious chocolate and world-renowned beers.

4. They care about your health
Belgium is famous for its well-organized social medical care. Belgian hospitals employ the top specialists in their respective fields. Also, if you happen to have an accident at work, all costs will be covered by insurence.

5. They have a large Polish community
For Poles, getting started in Belgium is easy, because Belgium already has a large Polish community. Companies are looking to employ Poles because of their excellent work ethic and some even specifically target Poles for this reason. Employment agencies like Staffing | ESG also have Polish recruiters to make the job search and all communication as smooth as possible.

6. It’s beautiful
In addition to being nice to work at, Belgium is also very nice to live in. It offers beautiful landscapes and interesting places with rich histories. Belgian people are naturally very open to making new acquaintances. To top it off, compared to other western European counties, Belgium has some of the lowest living expenses.

So overall: are you looking to work in another country? Belgium is a solid choice. The working conditions are kept to a high standard and they have an acting goverment that cares for the working force, including foreign ones. So what are you waiting for? Take a look on our Facebook, search the Internet or contact one of our recruiters. Somewhere there is an offer that will meet your expectations for 100%. When you find it, pack up your suitcase and go! Belgium is waiting for you.