How to ace an interview

Golden tips from our recruitment team

Door Hajnalka van Duinen

You have applied at Staffing ESG, your registration was successful and you had a positive interview with Arleta or Karolina, with one of our experienced recruiters. Your cv was proposed to our client and you get a call from us with a great news: your job interview is scheduled at the client — congratulations! Now it’s time to prepare, and we’ve got you covered, do not worry! Below, we provide an overview of how to succeed in an interview.

Before the interview:
• Know the client’s profile, check the company’s webpage and the social media posts.
• Use a route planner to calculate the possible travel time in advance.
• Read the job description one more time carefully. Do you have questions or something came in to your mind regarding your availability? You can ask our recruiters during your interview.
• Prepare some good questions for your interviewers about the day-to-day responsibilities, procceses, etc.
• Print out your cv for the interview, it might give you more confidence.
• Make some notes about your strengths and weaknesses. Think about your future plans, about your improvement features. Ask yourself why the company should chose you. What work experience or which study makes you the best fit? You can also find multiple sample questions online.

During the interview:
• Be on time. If you do happen to run late, call the recruiter so we can inform the client upfront. When you arrive, apologize for being late.
• You don’t need to overdress, but make sure you dress appropriately in neat, clean attire.
• Smile and be kind.
• Avoid “Yes” and “No” answers, give as much detail as possible about your assignments so that you paint a full picture of your abilities.
• Don’t negotiate about the salary: leave that part to us!
• Be engaged and show your interest.
• Don’t rush out after the interview. Ask if you can get a short tour.

After the interview:
One of our recruiters will contact you about the outcome of the interview. Did you get the job? Congratulations! Most likely you can start work in a couple of days. No luck this time? Don’t worry, we will look further for you. Good luck!