Positive thinking, not positive testing

The silver lining of a global pandemic

Door Hajnalka van Duinen

In the last couple of months the news has been consumed with negativity concerning the coronavirus. But we need to admit that there is a silver lining to the global pandemic as well. Let me share our experiences, both as a company and as an individual.

  1. Greater use of information and communication technology (ICT) and digitalization. We have amazingly quickly adapted virtual tools to carry out activities that were previously face-to-face. No more excuses to arrive late to a meeting, blaming horrible traffic, and: meetings were to the point. Our daily kick-off, handover and brainstorming meetings were arranged via video conferencing technology (we have also quickly learned how to avoid all the embarrassing mistakes using this tool, like failing to put the mic on mute while my dog proudly presented a squeaky toy performance…).

    We have also introduced an appointment tool, our candidates can propose now their interview preferences via this platform and they can also choose between telephone or videoconference. All the necessary documents which needs to be signed prio the employment, can be uploaded to our system via the candidates. Thanks to our presence at the online platforms, the numbers of our Facebook groups members have also risen: https://nl-nl.facebook.com/pg/StaffingESG/groups/

  2. Productivity gain. A new survey shows a 13% increase in productivity while working from home. And we can definitely confirm this fact for ourselves. After you follow the general tips & tricks, like having a dedicated office corner, following a set schedule, taking breaks etc, you can focus much more than you would usually do at the office (for instance, you don’t spend an hour next to the coffee machine on monday morning discussing how everyone’s weekend was). You can find your zen moment more easily and come up with more ideas, you can work out projects and documentations which were postponed for a while.

“You can find your zen moment more easily and come up with more ideas, and finally get around to doing those projects you’ve been putting on-hold.”

  1. Connections go deeper and we stay connected. Everybody knows that having good colleagues makes you more satisfied at work and you stay longer at your job. And we do have a great team. We kept mentally and physically fit by training together online, and even prepared ourselves for a squat challenge. Around Easter time, we played an unforgettable online game instead of an Easter brunch. So much fun, so many memories.

    We are more concerned about the wellbeing of others and I need to say that we have now a closer contact with our workers as well than ever before. We are there 24/7 for their questions and as social obligations we regularly inform our workers about the travel, quarantine advices and new Corona measures of the government to help them follow the rules.

    We are true to our brand and purpose. During times like these, nurturing the customer relationships is more important than ever before and we notice how important is it.

  2. Decrease of unnecessary travel. One of the biggest benefits through working remotely is that we no longer (or not every day) have to commute to work. Me and my colleagues commute nearly 30 - 45 minutes per day one way. From the company point of view we have saved money on the fuel costs and from our perspective we have much more free time for ourselves and but also to enhance family life. We all have been so busy living ‘life’, that many of us have lost those valuable moments we have with our loved ones.

  3. Gratitude. Last but not least, the coronavirus is giving us a new sense of appreciation and gratefulness. It has offered us a new perspective on everything we have taken for granted for so long – stability, our freedom, travelling, work, family and friends. We also express our gratitude more for those ones who are working in the frontline and for our workers who still go every day to work despite this crisis.

What about you? Feel free to share your positive stories!