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Job description

Refurb Battery is a real startup and the ambition is simple: we give discarded bicycle batteries a new life. As a production employee at Refurb Battery in Hazeldonk (the Netherlands), you are part of a motivated team with a passion for recycling and environmental improvement. This way you can also contribute to a better environment.

Job requirements

  • Thanks to your eye for detail and quality, you can excel in your work.
  • You like working under a Dutch contract.
  • You are a team player. You enjoy working in a small team.
  • If you are clear that you know that you have taken a specific package.
  • You are aware of the importance of green thinking and contribute to sustainability and the environment.
  • You can work full-time in day shift.

Our offer

  • A position with a clearly defined range of duties.
  • Opportunities for long-term employment and career opportunities within a startup.
  • A competitive salary. from 13.69 euros per hour.
  • A pleasant working atmosphere.
  • Growth opportunities to machine operator.

  • #midden

This position is open to everyone, regardless of gender and origin.

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