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Forewarned is forearmed.

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We have recently become aware of individuals falsely representing Staffing-ESG Belgium, approaching potential candidates through various channels, including WhatsApp, with fake job offers. It's possible that a website you visited recently, where you may have provided your phone number, has been compromised. We urgently advise you to be vigilant against such deceptive practices.

Where can you find our real vacancies?
For current and legitimate job openings, please visit:
- Our official website: https://www.staffing-esg.be/jobs
- Verified Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/StaffingESG/
- Verified job boards like VDAB, Indeed, Travi, etc.

We emphasize that safety and transparency are our top priorities. If you are ever in doubt about the authenticity of a message claiming to be from Staffing-ESG Belgium, please immediately contact us at belgium@staffing-esg.be.

Together, we can ensure a safe and trustworthy environment for everyone interested in a career at Staffing-ESG Belgium.