Tell a friend about us and get 2 movie tickets!

Get your popcorn on!

Door Ninge Sweens

Sharing is caring! And sharing popcorn is caring even more! Are you already working for us? And do you know someone who is looking for a job? Refer them to us, and we’ll send you 2 Movie Tickets* as a way of saying thanks!

Yes! How does it work?
1. Ask anybody you know that might would be interested in a job with us. Browse our jobs here!
2. Let them fill out our Sign-up form and, very important: where it says ‘How did you find us?’, let them fill out ‘Via someone who already works for us’.
3. An extra entry field will pop-up. Put in your name, so we know who to send the tickets to (and tell thanks)!
4. Our recruiters will take it from there and get in contact with you. If you want, you can also contact us yourself.

What are the rules?
1. Referer will receive 2 cinema tickets*. The person you refered does not, but you can of course go together!
2. The person has to actually start working for us in order to become eligable.
3. You can refer as many people as you’d like.
4. This promotion is valid until the end of October 2019 or while supplies last.

*Movie tickets can be used in all Kinepolis Movie Theatres throughout Belgium. Tickets are valid until 31-12-2019. This ticket set is valid for 2 regular movie tickets, for any extra’s such as 3D, costs are added.