The 3 most common myths about working abroad

And whether they are true or false

Door Arleta Drab

There are many myths and misconceptions about working abroad. These may even discourage you from making your decision about traveling. However, if you look at the numbers, not everything turns out to be true. We’ll disprove some of the biggest misconceptions about coming to another country as a labor migrant in this short article. TRUE or MYTH?

1. Once you leave your home country, you’ll never come back.
MYTH. This misconception seems to persevere even against statistics proving otherwise. The numbers indicate that actually more and more Poles are returning to their home country and resettle in Poland. Even considering the Brexit as a major reason, the numbers don’t lie: people do eventually return to their country.

„Want to secure a job? Take a professional course or learn a little bit of the language. This small investment will pay itself back tenfold.”

2. So many people are doing it that everybody can find a job in another country!
MYTH. As a growing number of people expand their view to find work throughout Europe, employers can cherry -pick in their selection of staff in terms of experience, certain certificates or language skills. Want to secure a job? Start investing in yourself. Take a professional course in the field you desire to work in or learn a little bit of the language of the country you seek to travel to. This small investment will pay itself back tenfold.

3. Don’t prepare: it is easy to get a job when you get there.
MYTH. Coming to another country for work without preparing is risky. You can try to search for job offers with Belgium companies on your own, but beware! Always be cautious and skeptical about them. Unfortunately, there are still shady constructions in place that illegally don’t follow the law, for a financial gain.

Remember: if the offer seems too good to be true, it probably is. It is for this reason that most people decide to go through an employment agency that helps finding the right offer for your skills.